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My name is Wale Adeyemo

And I’m fortunate to be considered one of the best Freelancers alive today. I have consistently made six-digit monthly income (in $) from freelancing for the past 6 years. I have realized most of my dreams (at this stage), investing in real estate, and building other companies- all with my earnings from freelancing. I started freelancing as an article writer earning $ 0.25 per 500 words (yes, read that again, $0.25), which means I had to write 4 articles of 500 words each to earn $1. I acquired other soft skills along the line – project management, Oracle Primavera, Consulting, and Data Collection/Analytics. My income has skyrocketed ever since, and I have made unimaginable amounts from freelancing. I’d love to show you how I did. I want to demystify what freelancing is all about, hold you by the hand, step-by-step until you start earning legit income. I struggled for several years trying different kinds of stuff online – all without success, at least, not until I met a mentor. Someone that’s doing it and getting results, held me by the hand, showed me all to monetize my skills, cash out my earnings, and increase my income. This is what I want to show you in this course.

In fact, here’s what top-earning Freelancing millionaires have to say about me:

Mr. Sammy G.

Coach Wale is a goal-getter. He is full of ideas that have worked and don't waste time teaching them. I earned my first 1M in freelancing by doing what he said even though I wanted to use it as a past-time. Very gentle and loyal guy too.

MR Ndubuisi N.

I consider Wale one of the best Freelancing teachers in Nigeria In less than 3 months he has helped members of paid mentorship earn more than what a level 5 government teacher like my mum earned in her teaching days. I pay him millions to work with us. Please, Listen to him.

Now, please understand this, I didn’t get here overnight.

I’ve had my fair share of struggles too. I discovered freelancing in February 2016 when I was at the University. And it took me just 4 days to land my first paying foreign client

Plus…When it came to delivering the job, I really had no idea what I was doing. So I struggled a lot in my first month,

Especially when it came to landing high paying clients

Back then,

I had no successful freelancer showing me how things worked in this business of ours.

So, I made plenty of silly mistakes And a lot of time, I was taken advantage of,

Along the line, I met a mentor, and I learned some essential lessons that helped me speed my way up the ladder the Freelancing Success.

And if you are interested in becoming a well-paid Freelancer, I’m willing to share these lessons with you.

So, here’s the deal: If you want to become a well-paid Freelancer,

Selling your skills and talent (or selling other people’s own at a commission) 

Making between $1,000 to $10,000 a month from Freelancing alone…

So you have enough money to live a stress-free life,

And be in a position of absolute financial autonomy,

Where you never have to worry about things like

  • Rent
  • Taking care of your loved ones,
  • Helping people in need
  • Etc...

I can help you get there.

I’ve introduced hundreds of aspiring students, men, and women to Freelancing. Many who today are earning a healthy six-figure income ...through their skills from their bedroom with just their boxer or pants on

Today, their lives have been transformed. They are no longer financially dependent on anybody. They set their own working hours, And they have absolute control of their time

But your investment today is just N4,999 only.

Before you sign up, Please know that unlike my previous offers, This New Offer comes with a: 15-Day Refund Policy Backed By My Lawyers

I worked really hard to put this extremely valuable information together. And there’s no way in Devil’s hell I won’t guarantee that you won’t make good enough money from it if you do what I say. But please, If you don’t take your life serious yet, there’s no need to sign up. If I wake you up and night and you grumble, I’ll refund you there and then. I only want serious people. So if you are ready to get started. Click the red button below to Join Us.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About the Course

    • What is Freelancing?

    • Top Freelancing Platforms

  • 2


    • Creating Accounts on Freelancing Platforms

    • What you need to start Freelancing

    • Setting up a Winning Profile

    • Bidding for Jobs

    • Comparing different Freelancing Platforms

  • 3


    • Registration and Setting Up Account on Freelancer.com

    • Navigating and Bidding for Jobs on Freelancer.com

    • Withdrawing your Earnings

  • 4


    • Questions and Answer from Past Bootcamp

    • Challenges and Issues you may encounter

    • Success Tips

  • 5


    • THE FREELANCER'S BIBLE- Everything You Need To Know To Have The Career Of Your Dreams (On Your Terms)



  • 6

    RUNNING KILLER FACEBOOK Ads- Step-by-Step Guide

    • Facebook Ads- Introduction

    • Facebook Ads- What you will Learn

    • Why Facebook Ads.m4v

    • Facebook Ads- Wordterm

    • Creating a Facebook Page

    • Facebook Ads Business Account Setup _ Payment Settings

    • Facebook Ads- Understanding Audiences

    • Facebook Ads- Pixel Setup

    • Facebook Ads-Events and Custom Events

    • Facebook Ads- Traffic Ad Campaign

    • Facebook Ads- Conversion Short Ads

    • Facebook Ads- Messenger Ads

    • Facebook Ads Account Retrieval

    • Facebook Ads Policy.m4v

    • Facebook Ads- Handling Objections

    • Facebook Ads- Understanding Consumer Behavior

    • Facebook Ads- Monetizing your Skills.m4v

    • Facebook Ads- How To Copy Campaign From One Ad

    • Facebook Ads - Running Multiple Ad set.m4v

    • Facebook Ads-Payment Issues.m4v

    • Facebook Ads- Secret to Getting the Best Results

See what my Freelance Mentees has to Say about their experience

Mr Blessing

Just after concluding my undergraduate studies, I participated in a freelancing boot camp just to get a means of making some cash for myself. I was taken through some series of training that was practical all through. Ever since then, the knowledge gotten was put into practice and it was a life-changing experience for me. The boot camp set me on the path to financial freedom and from there I got to learn a lot of things that I could do online. I'm forever grateful and glad that God ordered my steps to participate in the boot camp. Thank you Mr. Wale

Mr. Felix

I attended the freelancing book camp which was one of the best decision I made in my life that gave me financial freedom. Before attending the boot camp I don't know how freelancing works or how profitable it is. I was thought from the basics, how to communicate with the client, associating myself with the different client time zone. Setting up a professional freelancing account, writing a winning job proposal, how to withdraw my funds, and how I can outsource no others in the field. I can boldly tell you have made my first $1k+ with the help of this boot camp. We all have that moment that we feel like it's over, we feel helpless and hopeless. I was there, given up until a friend introduced this class to me. I went nonchalantly, but today, that class remains the standout difference-maker. It turned the game around for me.

Mr. Isaac.

I bin dey broke while in Uni with no hope for a job anywhere. No connection, no rich uncle, no land to even sell. If e no be Coachie, I for still hustle without hope. Just under 3 months of implementing all that he taught me, I was able to start earning a decent income while still in the university. Trust me, there is no job anymore.

What’s waiting for You Inside the New Freelancing Income Project

  • NFIP 101: The Algorithm Hack Sequence

    **The Best (and Fastest) Way To Get Into Any Freelancing Platform. **The Trick to making your account visible without effort. **The Tested Triggers that favors you over (and above) your competitors. **Secrets that will make Clients talk to their network about you and even have you on a retainer. **I’ll show you some dark truths about how the algorithms are programmed to work.

  • NFIP 102: The Surprise and Sizzling: A Done-for You Guide on How to Do Market Research (the right way)...

    you don’t waste your time posting for gigs that would only pay you a few dollars. **I’ll show you: ● The best way to prospect ● How to get them to read your proposal and reach ● Over 200+ working proposal templates, you can start using today. Plus, A detailed guide on how each niche conducts its business.

  • NFIP 103: The Automatic Bidding System

    (A Draft-by-Draft Walkthrough on the Real Art of Creating Compelling and Algorithm Biddings That Hardly Get Rejected) ● One THING you must do, ONE list you must tick BEFORE you send out a proposal or bid for a job. This guarantees better results and speeds up the way the algorithm shows you a gig or proposal to a client. ● Tried, tested and Proven Concepts that drive interactions on each platform

  • NFIP 104: Billing And Issues

    Not everyone in Nigeria knows that it is very easy to own and operate a functional bank account in the UK, Australia and in the US. First, you don’t want PAYPAL and PAYONEER messing up with your hard-earned money. You don’t want to wake up to payment issues with your clients. All these I will be revealing in this Freelancing course.

  • Bonus #1 (In Video Format): How To master Facebook and Instagram Advertising Even if You are Newbie

    I want you to have something to sell beyond your skill set. And I’ve seen people make between #200, 0000 - #1M per month selling their advertising skills And I know it’ll help you achieve more bargaining power in the industry and the world.

  • Bonus #2 (In PDF Format): The Copywriting Grab Bag

    You don’t need to know it all before charging clients god-forsaken amounts to work with you. I can show you the best way to write persuasively. In fact, I have done-for-you templates you can plug to generate hot and sizzling copies for any niche you can think of.

  • Bonus #3 Archive of The Greatest Freelancers in The World

    If you want to know what they did in the $1.4 Trillion industry that made them succeed what would you do? I can show you where it is and it is FREE.

  • Bonus #4: Better Platforms than Upwork and Fiverr, Where You Can Sell Your Skills For More Money

    I won’t stop with just 2. I promise to give you more. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make money.